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Intersections between HIV/AIDS and Other Health Challenges

HIV Serological and Behavioral Surveillance among Alcohol Venue Patrons in Botswana
This study assesses HIV prevalence and estimates sexual risk behaviors associated with HIV transmission among adults attending alcohol-consumption venues in Gaborone, Botswana, using time location sampling. Full Report | Research Brief

Formative Research Regarding the Sexual Risk Behavior of Drug Users in Guatemala
This study explores the types and contexts of drug use, sources of drug supply and characteristics of users in Guatemala City including risk behaviors and HIV prevalence using respondent-driven sampling.
Drug Use and HIV Risk among Middle-Class Young People In Guatemala City: An Exploratory Study. Full Report
Drug Consumption Patterns, Sexual Behavior and HIV Risk among Low-Income Drug Users in Guatemala City. Full Report | Research Brief

Integration of Mental Health Services into HIV Prevention and Care
This activity develops a manual to assist program planners in identifying and evaluating interventions that address the intersections of mental health and HIV/AIDS.
Design, Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Cross-Cultural HIV-Related Mental Health and Psychosocial Assistance Programs: A User's Manual for Researchers and Program Implementers. Manual and Instructions