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Publications & Resources

Reports and Research Briefs

Each completed R2P study publishes a comprehensive final report detailing findings and implications for HIV prevention. In addition, each full report is accompanied by a research brief—a 2-page summary that highlights key findings and recommendations for HIV program planners.

Activity Briefs

R2P has supported a number of projects to promote data utilization and capacity-building among local partners. These short briefs provide a summary of each activity, from the implementation process to lessons learned, for use by program planners and policymakers.

Fact Sheets

The fact sheet series presents existing evidence from rigorously evaluated interventions to prevent HIV transmission in developing countries. Results are presented here from studies published in leading scientific journals. In contrast to the many anecdotal reports of best practices, this series provides readers with the strongest evidence available in a user-friendly format. The evidence provides program planners, policy makers, and other stakeholders with information about “what works.”

Peer-reviewed articles

In addition to comprehensive final reports, R2P is committed to contributing novel findings to the body of scientific literature on HIV prevention. Peer-reviewed articles based on R2P studies have been authored by researchers at R2P-affililated academic institutions, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and local partner organizations.

Conference Presentations and Abstracts

Online Events

December 2, 2013
Webinar on HIV among men who have sex with men in Africa

June 14, 2013
Twitter Expert Hour on HIV in Key Populations

Research Brief


Fact sheet