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NIH International Center for Excellence in Research

LabRakai Health Sciences Program (RHSP) was selected by the NIAID/NIH as the site for the Uganda International Center for Excellence in Research (ICER) in 2002. This support has facilitated RHSP to address a range of research and training needs. The vision of the RHSP is to develop as a Center of Excellence that promotes health through community, clinical, and laboratory research nationally and internationally. The NIH ICER Programme, through its technical and financial support, is enabling RHSP to fulfill this vision.

In the past year, the NIH ICER Programme has supported the final completion of the RHSP Kalisizo laboratory and clinical center infrastructure, equipping it with high quality immunological, microbiological, and clinical research capability.

The NIH ICER Programme has upgraded the IT infrastructure in both RHSP Entebbe and Kalisizo, incuding the expansion of VSAT satellite systems to facilitate video conferencing link with the US for two sites (Entebbe and Kalisizo); the installation of voice-over IP phone systems for Kalisizo and Entebbe; the installation of security windows WSUS; and the installation of a disaster recovery system.

A range of training needs have been identified by RHSP and are being met through training support provided by the NIH ICER Programme.  Examples of trainings carried out:

  • Flow cytometry QC training (Kampala) by UNEQAS
  • Bachelor degree training for two laboratory technicians at Makerere University (tuition covered by UAB-ICER training grant)
  • DELIVER training on Laboratory and Supply Chain Management for Rakai Health Sciences Programme Logistics management staff

With NIH ICER Programme support, various active research studies have been conducted.

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Voices from Rakai

David Serwadda

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[In Africa] we are truly at a crossroads. If we can invest in prevention, then we have a chance that we may actually reduce both incidence of the disease and make a dent in the epidemic. I really don't think we have invested in antiretroviral education in Africa the way we should have, and there isn't a good companion program at the moment in monitoring resistance. That is the capacity we're starting in Rakai...>

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David Serwadda
Founding Principal Investigator, Rakai Health Sciences Program

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