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An important result of the 2005 conference was a supplement to the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. It included 28 papers presented at the conference as well as an Editor's Forward.

We hope Full-Text PDFs will be available soon.

International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics
Volume 99, Supplement 1 (November 2007)

Editor's Forward 

Dead women walking: Neglected millions with obstetric fistula
S. Ahmed, R. Genadry, C. Stanton, A.B. Lalonde, 23 July 2007, pages S1-S3
Full-Text PDF (102 KB) 
Critical Issues 
Public Health 
Challenges in measuring obstetric fistula
C. Stanton, S.A. Holtz, S. Ahmed, 23 July 2007, pages S4-S9
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (160 KB)
Social and economic consequences of obstetric fistula: Life changed forever?
S. Ahmed, S.A. Holtz, 19 July 2007, pages S10-S15
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (275 KB)
Strengthening public health priority-setting through research on fistula, maternal health, and health inequities
M. Bangser, 23 July 2007, pages S16-S20
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (133 KB) 
Reflections on the knowledge base for obstetric fistula
J. Kelly, H.R. Winter, 23 July 2007, pages S21-S24
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (121 KB)
The classification of obstetric vesico-vaginal fistulas: A call for an evidence-based approach
S.D. Arrowsmith, 23 July 2007, pages S25-S27
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (128 KB)
Where should obstetric vesico-vaginal fistulas be repaired: At the district general hospital or a specialized fistula center?
L.L. Wall, 23 July 2007, pages S28-S31
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (113 KB) 

Ethical issues in vesico-vaginal fistula care and research
L.L. Wall, 19 July 2007, pages S32-S39
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (172 KB) 
Issues in Clinical Management 
Obstetric fistulas: A clinical review
 A.A. Creanga, R.R. Genadry, 23 July 2007, pages S40-S46
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (155 KB)
Simple fistulas: Diagnosis and management in low-resource settings—A descriptive report
A.T. Lassey, 15 July 2007, pages S47-S50
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (215 KB)
Complex obstetric fistulas
R.R. Genadry, A.A. Creanga, M.L. Roenneburg, C.R. Wheeless, 23 July 2007, pages S51-S56
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (212 KB)
Complications of treatment of obstetric fistula in the developing world: Gynatresia, urinary incontinence, and urinary diversion
R.E. Gutman, J.L. Dodson, J.L. Mostwin, 23 July 2007, pages S57-S64
Abstract  | Full-Text PDF (160 KB)

Urinary diversion in the vesico-vaginal fistula patient: General considerations regarding feasibility, safety, and follow-up
S.D. Arrowsmith, 23 July 2007, pages S65-S68
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (120 KB) 
Obstetric fistula admissions at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana
K.A. Danso, H.S. Opare-Addo, C.A. Turpin, 23 July 2007, pages S69-S70
Full-Text PDF (92 KB)
Obstetric vesico-vaginal fistulas at the National Hospital of Niamey, Niger
I. Nafiou, A. Idrissa, A.K. Ghaïchatou, M.L. Roenneburg, C.R. Wheeless, R.R. Genadry, 19 July 2007, pages S71-S74
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (278 KB)
Local anesthesia: An appropriate technology for simple fistula repair
O.A. Ojengbede, I.O. Morhason-Bello, 23 July 2007, pages S75-S78
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (298 KB)
A review of postoperative care for obstetric fistulas in Nigeria
O.S. Shittu, O.A. Ojengbede, L.H.I. Wara, 23 July 2007, pages S79-S84
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (137 KB)
Urogenital and recto-vaginal fistulas in southern Malawi: A report on 407 patients
Y. Rijken, G.C. Chilopora, 23 July 2007, pages S85-S89
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (130 KB)
One-stage repair for combined fistulas: Myth or reality?
O.A. Ojengbede, I.O. Morhason-Bello, O. Shittu, 23 July 2007, pages S90-S93
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (115 KB)
Obstetric fistula: Clinical considerations in the creation of a new urethra and the management of a subsequent pregnancy
A. Browning, 23 July 2007, pages S94-S97
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (115 KB) 
Issues in Public Health Response 
The role of delayed childbearing in the prevention of obstetric fistulas
A.O. Tsui, A.A. Creanga, S. Ahmed, 23 July 2007, pages S98-S107
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (291 KB)
Improving community knowledge of obstetric fistula prevention and treatment
M.N. Wegner, J. Ruminjo, E. Sinclair, L. Pesso, M. Mehta, 23 July 2007, pages S108-S111
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (127 KB)
USAID program for the prevention and treatment of vaginal fistula
P. MacDonald, M.E. Stanton, 19 July 2007, pages S112-S116
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (124 KB)
Obstetric fistula: Guiding principles for clinical management and programme development, a new WHO guideline
L. de Bernis, 23 July 2007, pages S117-S121
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (126 KB) 
Incontinence in Malawi: Analysis of a proxy measure of vaginal fistula in a national survey
K. Johnson, 19 July 2007, pages S122-S129
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (173 KB)
Fistula Fortnight: Innovative partnership brings mass treatment and public awareness towards ending obstetric fistula
K. Ramsey, Z. Iliyasu, L. Idoko, 19 July 2007, pages S130-S136
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (144 KB)
A community program for women’s health and development: Implications for the long-term care of women with fistulas
R.H. Mohammad, 23 July 2007,
pages S137-S142
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (136 KB)
The Campaign to End Fistula: What have we learned? Findings of facility and community needs assessments
A. Velez, K. Ramsey, K. Tell, 19 July 2007, pages S143-S150
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (174 KB) 

Meeting Summary 

Prevention and treatment of obstetric fistula: Identifying research needs and public health priorities

A.A. Creanga, S. Ahmed, R.R. Genadry, C. Stanton, 23 July 2007, pages S151-S154
Full Text | Full-Text PDF (106 KB)


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