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Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Moore Center Research Projects

Our research develops and evaluates primary prevention interventions that will reduce child sexual abuse. Relatedly, we seek to improve our understanding of the costs, causes and consequences of child sexual abuse, as well as the policies that purport to address it.



Seeking Adults 18 years + who are attracted to children for a study on mental health and well-being. FINAL opportunity to participate.

We are interested in learning about the mental health and social support of individuals who are attracted to children. Participation involves taking a confidential, anonymous, online survey, which consists of both multiple choice and short-answer questions. The survey typically takes 35 minutes to complete. No personally identifiable information, including IP addresses, will be collected. We will not ask about illegal behavior, and we will not collect any reportable information. There is no compensation for participating in this study. 

To be eligible for participation, you must:

· be 18 years of age or older

· self-identify as attracted to children 13 years of age or younger (may also be attracted to older children and/or adults)

· have no history of sexual contact with a person under the age of 18 (when you were 18+ AND more than 3 years older than the other person)

If you are eligible and interested in participating, please follow this link to the survey, which includes the consent form:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the study team at

Please consider passing this notice along to anyone you know who is attracted to children but may not be involved with a self-help group. There are various resources and support groups available online including our own Resource for People Concerned About Their Own Sexual Thoughts and Behavior  page on the Moore Center website. 

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or another mental health crisis, please consider reaching out to one of the following resources. You do not have to disclose details about your attraction in order to access these resources.

· Crisis textline at

· National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or at

· Please call 911 if you do not feel safe or feel like you might harm yourself


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