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Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

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PBS NewsHour

I was very excited to be part of the PBS NewsHour special series, Broken Justice that aired Tuesday, June 28 discussing the treatment of juvenile sex offenders in the justice system. 

The PBS NewsHour report covered the story of a young man who committed a sex offense as a juvenile and who now faces life-time civil commitment, even though he had served his sentence. This story takes place in Minnesota where over 700 people are held in facilities, which claim to treat adult sex offenders. At this time, though, not one person has been released and 40 people have died. Watch the story here.

Major trending news coverage is focusing on child sexual abuse and highlighting just how prevalent and diverse this form of abuse is.

These particular stories support the statistics that we know: Young people under the age of 18 account for half of all child sexual abuse perpetration, as in the case of Duck Dynasty’s Jep Robertson, and child sexual abuse happens to boys as wells as girls.

But is what we're doing about it working? What is the correct course of action to take? NPR’s Miles Bryan did an excellent job pointing out just how easy it can be to be registered, and how difficult it can be to move on

PennsylvaniaRecently, I was contacted by a reporter from Bloomberg Businessweek to comment on the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that lifetime sex offender registration for juveniles is unconstitutional. Click here to read the court's opinion. 

My research was cited in the lower court's opinion and a colleague who has been shepherding this particular court case sent me the findings yesterday.

Please read the Bloomberg Businessweek article: Pennsylvania's Juvenile Sex Offender Registry Is Unconstitutional, State Supreme Court Rules.