For 18 months the Moore Center, in collaboration with Tiffany Kaszuba, Vice President at the lobbying firm CRD Associates in Washington D.C., has advocated for Congress to include $10,000,000 in its budget to support child sexual abuse prevention research. This work included visits with members and staffers, a congressional briefing and a community sign-on letter with more than 25 organizations supporting this “ask”. 

Last year we were successful in getting language added to the Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriations Report noting the need for more information on child sexual abuse prevention research.

Recently, the House Appropriations Committee released its Fiscal Year 2020 report, which includes $2,000,000 in the budget for child sexual abuse prevention research. 

The specific report language reads:

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.—While the incidence of child sexual abuse is believed to be far greater than reported, it is estimated to affect nearly 10 percent of all U.S. children, according to CDC. In light of the harmful physical, cognitive and emotional effects on a child’s development, a far more proactive approach is needed to prevent child sexual abuse. Therefore, the Committee includes $2,000,000 for a new research effort supporting the development, evaluation, and dissemination of effective child sexual abuse prevention practice and policy. 

The Senate Appropriations Committee has not yet released its Fiscal Year 2020 report. We know that at least eight senators included our $10,000,000 request in their budgets. Our hope is that the Senate’s final number is higher than the House’s and that the process of reconciliation results in a final amount closer to our ask. Of course, we would be remiss not to recognize that the Senate’s number could be the same or lower than the House’s. Still this is an early “win” that we believe presages greater U.S. investment in prevention research.  

The report is available here: There is a chart on page 72 and the language pertaining to CSA prevention research is on page 73.