Dean Klag, Elizabeth Letourneau, Mrs. Moore, Dr, MooreOn May 31, 2017, Stephen Moore, M.D. was awarded the Founding Dean’s Medallion for his commitment to improving public health. The medallion is given to those who have made an important impact in the field of public health. Read more.

The Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse was founded in 2012 with a generous gift from the Moore family, who courageously decided to fund a research center that would create, through rigorous science, a public health approach to preventing child sexual abuse.

The Moore family purposefully “seated” this Center within the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. As a leading international authority on public health, the School works to keep millions around the world safe from violence, illness and injury by pioneering new research, deploying its knowledge and expertise in the field and educating tomorrow’s scientists and practitioners in the global defense of human life.