TEDMEDWhat if we changed the way we think about child sexual abuse, from inevitable to preventable?  

Earlier this spring we received incredible news: we’ve been invited to speak at this year’s TEDMED conference in Palm Springs, California this fall in front of an in-person audience of over 800 thought leaders, innovators, scientists, students and those at the frontlines of health and medicine.

TEDMED, the independently owned and operated health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference, is dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” The annual conference provides a multidisciplinary platform for exploring the most critical challenges in health and medicine from new and provocative angles.

This year’s event theme is “What If…?”and speakers will be imagining new possibilities and progress in medicine, public health and biomedical sciences.

Dr. Letourneau will be speaking during a session titled “Fringe,” which will explore the fringes of scientific study to discover new insight from topics such as extreme altruism, artistic patients and wild adventures.

Dr. Letourneau’s talk will focus on how child sexual abuse can, and should be, prevented using a public health approach and give insight into what research tells us about how to prevent youth sexually attracted to younger children from acting on their attractions.

The conference will be livestreamed around the world and many of the TEDMED talks have a second life on TED.com, where they can get millions of views and be translated into dozens of languages.

We’re very hopeful that TEDMED will help us reach new audiences and stimulate conversation around preventing child sexual abuse. Stay tuned for more updates later this fall.