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Public Health Nursing Training Series


Photo of Carolyn Fowler and Joan Kub

Carolyn Cumpsty-Fowler, PhD, MPH and Joan Kub, RN, PhD

Public Health: So, What Is It, Anyway?

Learning Objectives:

  • Define public health using three different definitions
  • Identify the three core functions of public health
  • Describe some public health achievements of the 20th century
  • Discuss the public health system today in relationship to the health issues we face

The Essentials of Public Health

Learning Objectives:

  • What is public health nursing?
  • The mission of public health
  • The three core functions of public health
  • The ten essential services

Historical Perspective of Public Health Nursing

Learning Objectives:

  • Define public health nursing
  • Identify four "giants" in public health nursing and describe their contributions and impact in shaping this field
  • Describe the factors influencing the development of public health nursing
  • Discuss some "lessons learned" from our founders

Symposia Archive

Click the "View Symposia Archive" button to access the content listed below. These training materials are available to you free of charge; no payment is necessary, but registration in TRAMS is required.

Topic 1: Public Health-So, What is it, Anyway?
Topic 2: The Essentials of Public Health
Topic 3: Historical Perspectives of Public Health Nursing
Topic 4: Public Health Nursing
Topic 5: Change



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