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Powerful Presentation Skills

Think of your speaking situations—team meetings, project committees, client/customer presentations, or training sessions. Do you often become nervous before presenting? Do you suffer from presentation procrastination? Do you have a difficult time keeping your audiences interested in you and your material?  If so, this program will help give your presentations more substance, style, and credibility. You’ll discover specific methods and strategies that will strengthen your ability to speak with power and confidence and increase your visibility and position within your organization.

During this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome the physical and mental symptoms of nervousness

  • Structure your material for maximum impact and support it with facts and details

  • Use openers, transitions, and closers more effectively

  • Polish your vocal, verbal, and visual image

  • Use your natural style to make people more comfortable

  • Add more punch to your presentations with the latest visual aids

  • Field questions confidently—even the toughest ones

  • Motivate people to act on what you say

  • Handle mishaps, disasters, and detractors


What are some of the topics?

  • The four criteria every presentation must meet

  • Presentation anxiety—how to channel fear so it works in your favor

  • The best way to get through the first two minutes of your speech no matter how nervous you are

  • How to capture your audience’s attention within the first 15 seconds

  • Audience centered messages—a checklist to help you understand your listeners

  • Using transitional phrases to build listener comfort and keep people interested as you shift from one idea to another

  • How to close powerfully so you get your listeners’ commitment—and what not to do

  • The five elements of speech and how to enhance each to gain more “vocal authority”

  • Specific vocal techniques you can use to drive home key points and create interest

  • The seven most common credibility robbers and how to eliminate each of them

  • Genuine gestures—what they convey, how to use them naturally, and how to match them to your meaning

  • Creating a checklist to avoid the “unpredictables” that can throw you off balance

  • The six commandments for creating effective visual aids and how to use them to add professionalism and impact to your presentations

  • Specific suggestions for managing tough-to-answer questions—off-the-subject, multipart, “stupid,” and hostile questions

  • Surefire ways to defuse difficult personalities (know-it-alls and complainers)



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