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The Lerner Center For Public Health Promotion

About Us

Mission Statement

Many of the most devastating challenges to our health can be linked to our behavior. What we eat, how much we exercise, whether we practice safe sex, whether we smoke—these and myriad other behaviors not only influence our individual health but impact our collective health as well. Persuading people to change their behaviors is not a simple task. Whether or not someone puffs a cigarette today might be influenced by family history, peer pressure, the media, his or her attitude toward smoking, the availability of cigarettes in the community, anti-smoking laws, cigarette tax levels, and the physical properties of the cigarettes themselves. The Center aims to provide tools to address behavior change on the individual, community, and societal levels.

Interdisciplinary: The Center will take an interdisciplinary, action-oriented approach to tackling current public health challenges, integrating knowledge and activities across the university, as well as with media, policy, and advocacy experts. Learn more about our collaborating partners within the School and beyond.

Action-oriented: A major focus of the Center will be to identify, develop, evaluate and promote key public health communication initiatives through a variety of channels, including traditional, new and social media, as well as entertainment education. Learn more about our current and past projects.

Future-focused: The Center will train faculty and students in the art and science of health promotion and advocacy, with the aim of bringing marketing and communications tools and strategies into the service of current and future public health leaders. We have opportunities for students and faculty, as well as resources for public health professionals.