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Federal Funding for Vaccine-related Research

National Institutes of Health

Title: Research to Advance Vaccine Safety (R01)
Amount: TBD
Deadline: 9/7/11

Phased Innovation Awards in AIDS Vaccine Research (R21/R33)
Amount: TBD
Deadline: Multiple

Basic HIV Vaccine Discovery Research (R01)
Amount: $10,000,000
Deadline: 1/5/09

Title: Indo-U.S. Vaccine Action Program (VAP) Small Research Grant  Program (R03)
Amount: $100,000
Deadline: 2/16/08, 6/18/08, 10/18/08

Title: Adjuvant Development Program
Amount: TBD
Deadline: 1/4/09

Title: RFP Announcement: High-Priority Influenza Research Areas
Amount: TBD
Deadline: TBA

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Title: Developing and Disseminating Targeted Immunization Materials
Amount: $150,000
Deadline: 7/29/2009

Title: Research Risk Factor Survey
Amount: TBD
Deadline: TBA

Other Federal Funding

Title: Military Infectious Disease Research Program
Amount: TBD
Deadline: continuous
Title: Defense Sciences Research and Technology - Defense Against  Weapons of Mass Destruction - BAA07-21
Amount: TBD
Deadline: 2/14/09

Title: Chemical Biological Medical Systems BAA 07-01 Weapons of Mass  Destruction - BAA07-21
Amount: TBD
Deadline: 9/30/08

To see a list of funding opportunities supported by Foundations, click here.

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JHVI Global Project Map

JHSPH Faculty members are engaged in vaccine-related research projects around the world. Click here or on the map to learn more about these projects.

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