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Faculty Directory

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health faculty members value the multidisciplinary approach to vaccine research. Our expertise is spread across seven of the ten departments at JHSPH, with  faculty members who are involved in one or more of the following vaccine-related disciplines:

Select a category above to learn more about our faculty conducting research in that area.

For an alphabetical list of all faculty members associated with JHVI and conducting vaccine-related research, see below:

Chris Beyrer
HIV/AIDS, molecular epidemiology, human rights, China, Burma,  Russia, Thailand, trafficking, HIV vaccines

David Bishai
Economics, cost-effectiveness, disease modeling, macroeconomics, health equity

Karen Charron
Vaccine trials, GCP, training, education, QA/QC, quality assurance, quality management, site development, mentoring

Dagna O. Constenla
Economics of vaccines, developing countries, vaccine finance, vaccine policy

Amber Cox
GCP, informed consent, training, education, QA/QC, quality assurance, quality management, site development

Rhoel Dinglasan
Malaria, Transmission-Blocking Vaccine, Mosquito

Anna Durbin
Dengue, malaria, yellow fever, clinical trials

Ruth Faden
Vaccine ethics, health policy and management, bioethics and public policy; ethics and cellular engineering; ethics and neuroscience; ethics and bioterrorism; ethics, genetics and public policy; research ethics; justice

Diane Griffin
Measles, DNA vaccines, alphavirus-vectored vaccines, rhesus macaques

Neal Halsey
Vaccine safety, inactivated poliovirus, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae type B, tetanus, Lyme disease, rotavirus, Argentine hemorrhagic fever, influenza vaccine viruses

Laura Hammitt
Vaccine safety, haemophilus influenzae type B, pneumococcal vaccines, vaccine field trials

Lee Harrison
Vaccine trials, case-control studies, meningococcal vaccines, molecular epidemiology, Neisseria meningitidis

D. A. Henderson
Surveillance, smallpox, eradication, biodefense, biological weapons, bioweapons, bioterrorism, anthrax, polio, influenza

Clayton Harro
Enteric vaccines, ETEC, Shigella, travelers' diarrhea, HIV, HPV

Ruth Karron
Influenza, respiratory viruses, RSV, vaccine policy, vaccine ethics

Nancy Kass
HIV, ethics, bioethics, research ethics, international, women, genetics, AIDS, public health ethics, health policy

Gary Ketner
Vectored vaccines, oral vaccines, recombinant adenovirus, malaria, dengue, human papillomavirus, primate models

Sabra Klein
Molecular microbiology and immunology, animal behavior, endocrine disruption, endocrine-immune  interactions, Hantaviruses, hormones, neuroendocrinology, immunology, infectious diseases, influenza, phytoestrogens, pregnancy, reproduction, sex differences, stress

Richard Markham
Malaria, DNA, electroporation, dendritic cell, and chemokine

William Moss
Measles, HIV, Hib, Africa

Lawrence Moulton
Cluster randomized trials, biostatistics, epidemiology, indirect effects

Katherine O’Brien
Pneumococcal vaccines, vaccine field trials, PneumoADIP

Andrew Pekosz
Influenza, M2 antibody, animal models, mice, hamsters

Noel Rose

David Sack
Oral vaccines, diarrhea, cholera, Shigella, rotavirus, E. coli, Campylobacter, typhoid, tuberculosis, microbiology, serology, ALS assay, volunteer studies, travelers, oral rehydration

Daniel Salmon
Vaccine safety, vaccine ethics, vaccine refusal

Mathuram Santosham
International Health, epidemiologic studies of enteric infections, improved oral rehydration therapy, field testing of vaccines, h. influenzae tybe b, pneumococcal, neonatal health, zinc supplementation

Kawsar Talaat
Influenza, pandemic, live attenuated vaccine, avian, inpatient

Hugh Waters
Health economics, access, equity, costing, health financing, health insurance

Fidel Zavala
Molecular microbiology and immunology, malaria, transgenic mice, T-cells, memory, vaccines

Ying Zhang
Tuberculosis, vaccines, therapeutic vaccines, prophylactic vaccines

If you are a JHSPH faculty member, and would like to be affiliated with the JHVI, please email with a list of keywords and indicate which category or categories best describe your vaccine-related work.

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JHVI Global Project Map

JHSPH Faculty members are engaged in vaccine-related research projects around the world. Click here or on the map to learn more about these projects.

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