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Vaccine Day 2008- Student Posters

1. Estimating the value of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines for improving the health of HIV exposed children in PEPFAR focus countries.
Chuka Anude, Maria Knoll, Katherine L. O’Brien, Orin S. Levine

2. Modeling the potential impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine on mortality in a rural district in Kenya.
Moïsi JC, Gatakaa H, Jefwa MK, Nyundo C, Ndiritu M, Levine OS and Scott JAG

3. Dynamics of transplacental transfer of maternal dengue antibodies among mothers and infants in Bangkok. 
Willem G. van Panhuis and Anna P. Durbin

4. Comparison of “antibody in lymphocyte supernatant” (ALS) and ELISPOT assays for indirect detection of mucosal immune responses to Shigella LPS in clinical specimens
Andrea M. Jones, Robin McKenzie, David N. Taylor, Colleen M. Carpenter Shannon L. Grahek, Malabi M. Venkatesan, Thomas L. Hale, August L. Bourgeois

5. SOCS-1 silencing in measles virus primed dendritic cells enhances presentation of measles virus and other (influenza virus) antigens.
Zaza Ndhlovu and Diane E Griffin

6. Effects of exogenous estrogen & progesterone on the natural history of the human papillomavirus: Implications for vaccine induced immunogenicity & long-term efficacy
Marks M.,  Gravitt P. , Celentano D. ,  Klein,S.

7. Streptococcus Pneumoniae meningitis surveillance in children under five years of age in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Feris J, Coradin H, Gilani Z, Sanchez J, Floren A, Peynado M, del Moral T, Pena C, Fernandex J, Deloria-Knoll, M, Perez-Then E

8. Hib and SP Meningitis CFR by WHO Region and Mortality Strata.
Gilani Z, Deloria-Knoll M, O'Brien KL, Wolfson LJ, Watt JP, Henkle E, McCall N, Lee E, Mulholland K, Levine O, Cherian T for the Hib and Pneumococcal Global Disease Burden Study Team

9. Age Distribution of Sp and Hib Meningitis Cases: The Hib and SP Global Disease Burden Project.
Henkle E, Cherian T, Knoll M, Levine OS, Mulholland K, Watt JP, Wolfson L and O’Brien KL, for the Hib and SP GDB Study Team

10. Understanding poor CD8+ T cell responses to peptide-based vaccination
Michael G. Overstreet, Helen Freyberger, Fidel Zavala

11. Country and Regional Representation of Meningitis Incidence Data for Hib and Spn Global Disease Burden Estimates.
Knoll MD, Henkle EM, Grant LR, Wolfson LJ, Watt JP, O’Brien KL, Mulholland K, Levine OS, Cherian T, for the Hib and Spn Global Disease Burden Study Team

12. Costs and cost-effectiveness of immunisation programmes: the role of lay health workers.
 Adrijana Corluka, Damian G. Walker, Simon Lewin, Inger Scheel, Claire Glenton, Marit Johansson

13. The art of modeling vaccine decision making: an interdisciplinary approach.
 Meghan Stack and Marcie Richmond

14. Influenza vaccine effectiveness during the 2006-7 season in HIV-infected and -uninfected women: Nested studies in the Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)
Keri N. Althoff, Maryna Eichelberger, Jin Gao, Stephen J. Gange

15. The 1918 Influenza Pandemic Experience in Japan: Age and Geographic Mortality Patterns
 S. A.  Richard, N. Sugaya, L. Simonsen, M. A.  Miller, C. Viboud

16. Acceptability Survey of HPV Vaccine Among Female Sex Workers in Lima, Peru.
 Brandon Brown, Neal Halsey, Cesar Carcamo, Maria Valderrama, and Magaly Blas

17. Markedly Enhanced Immunogenicity of a Pfs25 DNA-Based Malaria Transmission-Blocking Vaccine by In Vivo Electroporation.
 Ralph LeBlanc, Yessika Vasquez, Drew Hannaman and Nirbhay Kumar

18. Sex Differences in Response to Influenza: Implications for Vaccination
 Dionne P. Robinson, Jenifer B. Kaplan, and Sabra L. Klein

19. Whole genome sequence analysis of human AU-1-like rotavirus isolates with mixed genotypes from a Brazilian outbreak.
Kaitlin R. Lovett, Takeshi Tsugawa, and Yasutaka Hoshino

20. The value of vaccination: Examining the long-term economic consequences of vaccines
Julia Driessen, Abdur Razzaque, Damian Walker, David Canning

Student Testimonial

Ami Shah Brown, PhD, MPH

"The rigorous academic curriculum, distinguished faculty, and access to professionals engaging in a variety of vaccine-related activities provided the essential skill set for my work in management and regulatory affairs for the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative, a product development partnership based at the Sabin Vaccine Institute. Key connections made during my time at Hopkins have turned into lasting professional collaborations."  

Ami Shah Brown, PhD (‘05), MPH
Director, Vaccine Operations
Sabin Vaccine Institute

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