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Biographical Sketch of Thomas A. Burke

Thomas Burke photoThomas A. Burke is a Professor and Associate Chair at The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, with joint appointments in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences and the School of Medicine Department of Oncology. Currently he is Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking and the Center for Excellence in Environmental Health Practice. He is also Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Risk Sciences and Public Policy Institute. His research interests include the development of new approaches to environmental health surveillance, and the application of health risk assessment to public policy.  He was Principal Investigator for the Pew Environmental Health Commission which established the framework for a national approach to environmental public health tracking.  

Prior to his appointment at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Burke was Deputy Commissioner of Health for the State of New Jersey and was Director of the Office of Science and Research in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

Dr. Burke is a member of the National Academy of Sciences Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology. He was Inaugural Chair of the Advisory Committee to the Director of the CDC National Center for Environmental Health and a member of the Executive Committee of the EPA Board of Scientific Counselors.

 Dr. Burke received his PhD in epidemiology from the University of Pennsylvania, his MPH from the University of Texas, and his BS from Saint Peter's College.

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