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Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit

A World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Injuries, Violence and Accident Prevention

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Our Research

Injuries cause more than five million deaths every year, resulting in high economic and social costs for communities around the globe. These costs are greater in low- and middle-income countries, where many public health systems have yet to prioritize injuries as a major health concern, despite the cost-effective methods available to prevent them.

A child in a playpen is protected from water hazzards in Bangladesh.

JH-IIRUs experts, including both the leadership team and affiliated faculty conduct intervention trials, economic analyses and surveillance studies in order to determine the impact of and identify potential solutions to trauma, injuries and disability in low- and middle-income countries.

Observation study Cambodia
A roadside observation study in Cambodia.

The Unit has conducted research in more than 30 countries to-date. Projects generally cut across the three phases of injury control (i.e. prevention, acute care and disability/rehabilitation) and include foundational and developmental research, intervention research and dissemination research.


Countries in blue represent current and past JH-IIRU projects.


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