Recently, Dr. Lynn Atuyambe, Assistant Professor at Makerere University School of Public Health, Department of Community Health and Behavioral Sciences visited JH-IIRU.  

While visiting Hopkins, Dr. Atuyambe met with JH-IIRU team members, supervised the Chronic Consequences of Trauma, Injuries and Disability (TRIAD) fellows and worked on publications. As part of the visit, Dr. Atuyambe presented, “The Readiness of Health Facilities to Provide Adolescent Friendly Reproductive Health Services in Rural and Urban Uganda.” During his presentation, Dr. Atuyambe discussed the adolescent situation in Uganda and explained the many hindrances young people in Wakiso face in accessing health services.

Dr. Atuyambe said the partnership between Makerere University and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is extremely helpful. “JHSPH is one of the longest collaborating institutions with Makerere University. The universities perform quality research together,” said Dr. Atuyambe.

When asked about the NIH-funded trainees, Dr. Atuyambe said, “The fellows are always excited to come to JHU, the leader in global health. I am looking forward to having many fellows and having a mass of trained individuals in Uganda.” Dr. Atuyambe said he looks forward to continuing to collaborate with JHU so together we can improve global health.

Dr. Atuyambe obtained his doctorate from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. He teaches both undergraduate medical students and postgraduates and supervises Master of Public Health students. Dr. Atuyambe’s recent publications have focused on adolescent reproductive health, coping theories among pregnant adolescents, HIV/AIDS, ART access and fairness, stigma and discrimination and HIV disclosure outcomes.

Dr. Atuyambe

Dr. Atuyambe discusses improving adolescent health and development in Uganda