In a newly published article, Dr. Hadley Herbert, Dr. Adnan Hyder and other authors consider how injury and violence relate to global health, discussing the increasing burden of injury as well as the current global recommendations regarding prevention initiatives.

The article, entitled Global Health: Injuries and Violence, was published in Infectious Disease Clinics of North America in an issue devoted to "Global Health, Global Health Education and Infectious Disease: The New Millennium, Part II."

In the article, Dr. Herbert, a trauma specialist with the Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit, and Dr. Hyder, director of the Unit, emphasize that injury and violence rank among the 10 leading causes of death worldwide. In summarizing the evidence, the article serves as a call to action to increase injury research and prevention efforts. The public health community should play a leadership role, they assert, “in galvanizing a multisector response to injury and violence, to advocate for investments at national and international levels, and to catalyze sharing of knowledge and lessons learned across communities and nations.”

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