Today, Dr. Adnan Hyder, director of the International Injury Research Unit, traveled to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico to chair the most recent meeting of the Road Traffic Injuries Research Network (RTIRN).

In addition to his work as director of the Unit, Dr. Adnan Hyder also serves as chairman for the RTIRN, a global partnership of more than 400 members that collaborate to further research into the impact of road traffic injuries around the world.

The meeting in Mexico attracted several thought leaders in the field of road injury research including Dr. Olive Kobusingye of Makerere University in Uganda and Dr. Margie Peden of the WHO. The meeting’s theme focused on “Pedestrian Injuries Research in Low and Middle-Income Countries.” Participants learned about the risk factors and costs of pedestrian injuries, promising interventions being utilized currently, as well as successful methods for research and capacity building in this important area of study.

Injuries are one of the fastest growing yet one of the most preventable global health burdens of the 21st century. The International Injury Research Unit’s continued collaboration with the RTIRN is welcomed as we strive to identify effective solutions.


Dr. Adnan Hyder joins the secretariat of the RTIRN, several board members, as well as several members of the Pan American Health Organization during the pedestrian injury meeting in Mexico on June 16, 2010.