On March 9-10, 2017, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit (JH-IIRU) director, Dr. Adnan Hyder, traveled to Dubai to attend the third Lancet NCDI Poverty meeting. The meeting was attended by 15 Commission members.

The meeting focused on a section-by-section review of the outline, draft text, working papers, and other inputs for the Commission report. The meeting also provided time for the Commission members to discuss messages and recommendations, analysis of report data and evidence, and delegation of report section authors. Lastly, Commissioners discussed the writing and editorial process and established working group and individual writing responsibilities.

On the second day of the meeting, the Commission members visited the Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center. In the afternoon, Dr. Hyder led a plenary discussion of key messages and recommendations for two sections of the report. The report is expected to be published in early 2018.

The next Lancet Commission meeting is planned for June 2017.

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Lancet NCDI Poverty Meeting in Dubai

Members of the global Commission at the third Lancet NCDI Poverty meeting