Dr. James P. Neifeld, professor and chairman of the Department of Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University, met with key members of the International Injury Research Unit today to discuss the role of the U.S. medical community abroad. Joined by Dr. Adnan Hyder of the Unit, along with Dr. Aruna Chandran and Dr. Kent Stevens, the group agreed that there are numerous benefits to giving U.S. medical professionals opportunities to study and work in other areas of the world. However, this endeavor must have a systematic approach, they agreed.

Dr. Kent Stevens, a trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital and an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, discussed his personal experience as a surgeon with interests in international research, particularly in Cameroon.

The International Injury Research Unit welcomes future collaboration with Dr. Neifeld and Virginia Commonwealth University as both strive to reduce the impact and burden of injuries around the world.


Dr. Adnan Hyder, director of the International Injury Research Unit, discusses injuries with Dr. Stevens and Dr. Neifeld.