From September 8 to September 20, 2019, the Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit and Global Road Safety Partnership co-led a two-week training course on road safety in Baltimore, Maryland.

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the course included more than 60 participants from 30 low- and middle-income countries around the world. Over the two weeks, participants and organizers -- including leadership, faculty, and staff from JH-IIRU -- worked to build leadership capacity to design, advocate for, and implement effective road safety programs and policies. 

Across 10 days, the course invited JH-IIRU speakers and other multidisciplinary experts from across the globe to lead sessions on a variety of road safety issues, such as health economics, enforcement, health systems, and urban design. The group also had the opportunity to travel to New York to visit Bloomberg Philanthropies and Ruckersville, Virginia for a tour of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

On Friday, September 20, the course concluded with group marketplace presentations before a certificate ceremony and closing reception.

The entire course was highlighted with the hashtag #GRSLC2019 on Twitter. Daily photo albums of course sessions, trips, and special events are also available online via Facebook