From May 1-3, 2014, JH-IIRU technical advisor David Bishai and graduate student Huan He attended the Population Association of America (PAA) annual meeting in Boston.

Dr. Bishai was on hand to present his work on education for children resulting from unwanted pregnancies in Bangladesh as well as to participate in the session, “Maternal, Infant and Child Health and Mortality.” Huan was there to present her work with Dr. Bishai and others on the relationship of economic development to road traffic fatalities and fatalities per crash in 73 Russian federal districts.

Bishai He PAA
Huan He and David Bishai present their work on economic factors and road traffic fatalities. 

The poster, “Economic Development and Road Traffic Fatalities in Russian Federal Districts, 2004-2011” was presented during the poster session, “Economy, Labor Force, Education and Inequality," and had the unique advantage of being the only project on Russia in that session.  Huan received positive feedback, especially in terms of uniqueness of data sources and complexity, rigid methods and the capacity to show the change in road traffic fatalities in Russia. She felt it was helpful to discuss the project with colleagues in the field of demography and to be able to network with potential collaborators. In particular, a participant from suggested using the Russian dash-cam recordings on YouTube to learn about the context and severity of crashes in the country. Other colleagues provided insights on how to explain the time trend we found on Russian RT fatalities, and how to incorporate law enforcement in this study. This project is part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Road Safety Program. Access the abstract here.

Established more than 80 years ago and focused mainly on the topics of death, birth and migration of people, PAA is one of the largest and most prestigious conferences on population science, both in the United States and internationally.  Learn more here.