Dr. Sai Ma of the Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit was recently featured in an article in the Lancet about road traffic fatality data in China. The July 23 article, “Uncertainty clouds China's road-traffic fatality data,” discusses concerns that the number of deaths is underreported by officials there.

Dr. Ma offered her experience with the Road Safety in 10 Countries project to emphasize the importance of collaboration among different sectors in implementing road safety solutions. “The Ministry of Health can't go onto the road and stop speeding cars and give tickets,” said Dr. Ma. “They can't go out onto the streets to change traffic light patterns. They have to build a really strong and close relationship with the ministries that can do those interventions.”

According to Dr. Ma, the Road Safety in 10 Countries project provides a good example of the supportiveness of and cooperation among city governments, police and public health officials in the country.

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Most of China's road traffic deaths are pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. (Photo Credit: The Lancet)