Dr. Adnan Hyder, director of the International Injury Research Unit, was featured today during the Pan American Health Organization’s long-anticipated release of the Regional Report on Road Safety. Dr. Hyder spoke about the economic as well as the social costs of global road injuries, citing research that makes the case for cost-effective interventions.

The Regional Report on Road Safety surveyed 30 of the 34 countries in the Americas and gives leaders in the region a much-needed clearer picture not only of road safety data, but also of the interventions that are currently in place. Solutions such as speed control, alcohol laws, helmet use and seat belt enforcement are included in the analysis. Overall, the report revealed large variances in road injuries among countries, demonstrating the need for highly customized and locally supported solutions.

Today’s meeting, held at PAHO’s headquarters in Washington, DC, also featured prominent guests such as Mirta Roses Periago, director of PAHO, and Nancy Carter-Foster, senior advisor for global health at the US Department of Health.

PAHO is an international public health agency that has worked for more than 100 years to improve the health and living standards of the countries of the Americas. As global leaders enter the “Decade of Action for Road Safety,” which began this year, the report urges implementation of policies that promote safe, healthy and equitable movement on roads throughout the Americas.


Dr. Adnan Hyder, director of the International Injury Research Unit, presents findings at the release of PAHO’s Regional Report on Road Safety.