The latest edition of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s magazine examines the “20 great research challenges for the new decade.” Due to increasing attention from world leaders, as well as recent groundbreaking research, international road safety tops the list.

Throughout the article, Dr. Adnan Hyder discusses the International Injury Research Unit’s role in a new large-scale global road safety project funded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies. Over the next five years, the project will determine the effectiveness of specific road safety interventions in 10 low and middle-income countries.

Emphasizing the need for strong support and active collaboration from local community leaders at each of the 10 sites, Dr. Hyder stated, “Education alone has not been found to make huge impacts in the absence of specific interventions and law enforcement, so enforcement is key.”

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The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health features "Death on the Road" as one of the 20 great research challenges this decade.