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Long-term Re-entry Grant (Advanced Research Training) Trainees  
      last updated April 27, 2006


Jie Chen, MD
Director, HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Testing, Guangxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention
(Former short-term postdoctoral trainee)
Feasibility of a peer-based educational program for injecting drug users in Pingxiang City, Guangxi Province, China
-Awarded in YR 11 (1998/99); $15,000

Yan Qiu, MS
Director, Quality Control, Beijing Red Cross Blood Center
(Former Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
HCV testing among blood donors in Beijing
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $25,000


Mwandagalirwa Kashamuka 
Projet SIDA
(Former long-term lab trainee)
Behavioral, clinical, virological and immunological factors associated with HIV-1 infection
-Awarded in YR 10 (1997/98); $15,000

Project Coordinator, JHU-UNC Fogarty AITRP Project
(Former degree trainee)
Prevalence and detuned incidence of HIV-1 in a High Transmission Area in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $25,000

Dominican Republic

Gloria Estela Acosta Matos, MD 
Health Project Coordinator, Mujeres en Desarrollo Dominicana (MUDE)
(Form in-country training participant)
Micro-credit and HIV transmission: A case study for the Dominican Republic
 -Awarded in YR 12 (1999/00); $15,000

Hector Emilio Jerez, MS
Centro de Promocion y Solidaridad Humana-CEPROSH (NGO)
(former in-country training participant)
Establishing the incidence of STD's in commercial sex workers in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
 -Awarded in YR 11 (1998/99); $15,000

Luis Anibal Moreno
 Centro de Orientacion e Invetigacion Integral-COIN (NGO)
(Former in-country training participant)
Establishing the incidence of STD's in commercial sex workers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
-Awarded in YR 11 (1998/99); $15,000

Leonardo Sanchez, BA
Executive Director, Amigos Siempre Amigos (NGO)
(former in-country training participant)
Male sex work and sexual risk behavior in the Dominican Republic
 -Awarded in YR 12 (1999/00); $15,000


Avni Amin 
Doctoral Student, Bloomberg School of Public Health
Women's decision to seek treatment for gynecological morbidities in rural Gujarat, India
-Awarded in YR 11 (1998/99); doctoral dissertation)

Ismail Ateighechi, BA
 Project Coordinator, Detoxification, Sharan Society for Service to Urban Poverty
(former Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Determination of levels of awareness of HIV/AIDS among clients before and after the SHARAN detoxification program
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $25,000

Enisha Sarin, MHS
Coordinator, Sharan Society for Service to Urban Poverty (NGO)
(Former degree and Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Assam Project-Qualitative assessment of injecting drug use in Assam
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $25,000


Effie Kondwani Chipeta, BSN
Behavioral Research Scientist, MOH-JHU-COM Research Project
(Former Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Commercial sex workers and their sexual network at Nchalo Trading Center in Malawi
-Awarded in YR 11 (1998/99); $15,000

Newton Kumwenda, MPH, PhD
Director, MOH-JHU-College of Medicine Research Project
(Former degree trainee)
HIV-1 subtyping in Malawi and Zimbabwe
-Awarded in YR 13 (2000/01); $15,000

Newton Kumwenda, MPH, PhD
Director, MOH-JHU-COM Research Project
(Former degree trainee)
Albert Makombwa, MBBS
Medical Officer, Nchalo Sugar Estate
(Former Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Pilot studies of a topical microbicide wipe to assess safety, acceptability and potential efficacy
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $38,960

Frank Taulo, MBBS, MPH
Faculty, Ob/Gyn, Malawi College of Medicine
(Former degree trainee)
HIV prevalence among women using different types of hormonal contraceptives
-Awarded in YR 11 (1998/99); $15,000

South Africa

Salome Charalambous, MBChB
Medical Officer, Research Department, and Project Manager, HIV/TB Interaction Studies, Arum Health Research
(Former Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Pharyngeal carriage an antimicrobial resistance in isolates of Streptococcus pneumonia in HIV-infected miners
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $10,000


Sakol Eiumtrakul, MD
Director, Pathology, Army Institute of Pathology
(Former Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Temporal trends in HIV infection rates in young adult men in northern Thailand
-Awarded in YR 11 (1998/99); $15,000

Bang-orn Sirirojn, MA
Researcher, Research Institute for Health Sciences, Chiang Mai University
(Former short-term mentored trainee)
Reaching methamphetamine users in communities
-Awarded YR 15 (2002/03); $15,000

Nongnuch Vanittanakom, Dr.rer.nat.
Professor, Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University
(Former short-term mentored trainee)
Characterization of the 50 kDa specific antigen and it's encoding cDNA from "Penicillium marneiffei", an opportunistic pathogen for HIV-infected patients
-Awarded in YR 12 (1999/00); $15,000

Kanlaya Wongworapat, MSc
Senior Medical Scientist, Research Institute for Health Sciences, Chiang Mai University
(Former short-term mentored trainee)
Evaluation of the feasibility of self-collected vaginal samples for the detection of genital human papillomavirus in women in Chiang Mai province
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $19,000


Grace Kigozi, MPH
Coordinator, Ethnography, Rakai Project, Uganda Virus Research Institute
(Former degree and Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Qualitative studies of marital disruption in Rakai, Uganda
-Awarded in YR 15 (2002/03); $15,500

Noah Kiwanuka, MBChB, MPH
Rakai Project, Uganda Virus Research Institute
(Former degree and Fogarty Summer Program trainee)
Bacteria Vaginosis Pilot Study
Awarded in YR 13 (2000/01); $15,000

Fred Nalugoda, MHS
Rakai Project, Uganda Virus Research Insitute
(Former degree trainee)
Assessment of the effects of HIV/AIDS on household composition and dissolution in Rakai District, Uganda
-Awarded in YR 13 (2000/01); $15,000