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Johns Hopkins Education and Research Center for Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Program

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The Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (OEH) program is directed to the recognition, evaluation and control of factors in the workplace which may cause illness or injury. The OEH program is a part of a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Educational and Research Center. Students in the OEH program attend classes with students from occupational and environmental medicine, occupational and environmental health nursing, and occupational injury prevention programs providing a comprehensive view of the field.

The program leading to the Master of Science (MS) degree is intended to provide broad education, training and experience for the general practice of industrial hygiene and safety. The Master of Science in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene program has been accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission of the American Board of Engineering Technology (ABET) since 1988. The MS OEH degree can be pursued either full-time/on-campus or part-time/online.

The basic OEH master’s curriculum includes public health toxicology, ergonomics, noise and other physical agents, biostatistics, epidemiology, principles of occupational and environmental hygiene, occupational health management, principles of occupational safety, environmental and occupational health law and policy, ventilation hazard controls, onsite evaluation of workplace and occupational health programs, and industrial hygiene laboratory. In addition to course-work, submission of a written essay is required for the MS OEH degree. Most MS OEH students complete a 3-month summer internship. Part-time/online students complete an independent professional project at their place of employment.

Doctoral degree programs are individually structured and include specific education and research requirements in one or more of the scientific disciplines fundamental to occupational and environmental hygiene. Completion of a doctoral degree typically requires 1 to 2 years of course-work, depending on previous education, and 2 years of research. An original research thesis is required. 

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Program Director

Kirsten Koehler, PhD

Associate Professor

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Core Faculty
Center Director

Gurumurthy Ramachandran, PhD


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Core Faculty 
PPRT Program Director

Ana María Rule, PhD

Assistant Professor

Program: PPRT
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Core Faculty

Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Peter Lees, PhD


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Supporting Faculty

Carla Reinhard, MHS

Research Associate
Director, OEH Certificate

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