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Johns Hopkins Center for Women's Health, Sex,
and Gender Research

A collaboration among the Bloomberg School of Public Health,
the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing.

2020: COVID-19 through a sex and gender lens: Implications for women's health and wellbeing
Keynote: Panel of topics including Sabra Klein, Jeanne Sheffield, Rosemary Morgan, Michele Decker and Phyllis Sharps. Moderated by Nancy Glass. 

Date: TBD Summer 2020

Past Symposia 

2020: Johns Hopkins Center for Women's Health, Sex, and Gender Research COVID-19 Virtual Symposia 

2019:  Lost Women - Setting a Research Agenda to Eliminate Maternal Mortality
Keynote: Dr. Elizabeth Howell

2018: A Spotlight on Women's Health in Baltimore and Beyond
Keynote: Dr. Leana Wen

2017: Aspects of Disease and Health Across the Lifespan
Keynote: Former Senator Barbara Mikulski

2016: A Celebration of Women's Health Research at Johns Hopkins

2015: Women and HIV: Science, Policy & Practice

2014: Sex Differences Matter: Women's Health & Drugs, Devices and Biologics
Keynote: Panelists, including Dr. Marjorie Jenkins

2013: Women's Health Research: Lifting All Boats
Keynote: Dr. Janine Clayton

2012: Responding to Violence Against Women: Emerging Evidence, Implementation Science & Innovative Interventions
Keynote: Dr. Ann Coker

2011: Leading the nation in women veteran's health: The important role of research
Keynote: Dr. Laura Herrera

2010: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Women's Health
Keynote: Dr. Camara Jones