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Environmental Health Sciences


This topic introduces you to the basic concepts and principles of environmental health science that are applicable to terror preparedness.


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Topic 1: Environmental Health Sciences: Principles Applicable to Terror Preparedness

  • Part 1: Basic Concepts
  • Part 2: Practical Approach


jlJonathan Links earned his BA in medical physics from the University of California, Berkeley (1977) and a PhD in environmental health sciences (with a concentration in radiation health sciences) from Johns Hopkins University (1983). Dr. Links is currently professor of Environmental Health Sciences in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, with a joint appointment in Radiology in the School of Medicine. Dr. Links’ expertise is in radiation physics and dosimetry, medical imaging instrumentation and radiation-based biomarkers. Dr. Links is a member of the editorial boards of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine and the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and is a member of the Delta Omega National Public Health Honor Society. He is a past president of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, a 13,000 member professional medical society that deals with the use of radioactivity and radiation in medicine. Dr. Links is currently Baltimore City’s radiation terror expert, working with the Health, Fire and Police Departments. He is also Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness.

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