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Disasters and Public Health: Lessons for Bioterrorism Preparedness


In this presentation, Dr. Thomas Glass examines the role that the public has played in a crisis, concluding that the population doesn't react or panic in the way that is popularly expected. Furthermore, Dr. Glass offers ways to involve the public more after a disaster.


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Topic 1: Disasters and Public Health: Lessons for Bioterrorism Preparedness

  • Part 1: Background
  • Part 2: Lessons Learned
  • Part 3: Implications


Thomas GlassThomas A. Glass, PhD, is a social epidemiologist with broad interests in the role of social and behavioral factors in population health. He has conducted research on social support, social networks and social engagement and how they impact health and functioning in older adults. He has been involved in several intervention studies in the general population and in stroke survivors. His recent work explores the characteristics of the built and social environments at a neighborhood level and how they impact a variety of health outcomes, including cognitive function, obesity and depression. He directs the Baltimore Neighborhood Research Consortium for the advancement of neighborhood research in the Baltimore area.

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