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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness


Opportunities for U.S. Civilian and Military Collaboration in Health Surveillance and Emergency Preparedness

Conference date:

June 17, 2009 (Washington Marriott at Metro Center, Washington, DC)

Presented by:

The Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness
and the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center


Dr. Daniel Barnett,
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Jean Otto, Head,
Department of Surveillance Standards and Training, AFHSC

COL Robert F. DeFraites,
Director, AFHSC

CAPT Trueman W. Sharp,
Chair, Military and Emergency Medicine, USUHS

Dr. David Blythe,
Maryland State Epidemiologist, DHMH

CAPT D.W. Chen,
Director, Civil-Military Medicine, OASD (HA)

Mr. Rick D. Hogan,
General Counsel, Arkansas Department of Health

Ms. Deborah Goeller, RN, MSN
Health Officer, Worcester County Health Department

CDR David Blazes, MD
Head, AI/PI Department, Division of GEIS Operations, AFHSC

Col James S. Neville,
Deputy Commander, USAFSAM

CAPT Trueman W. Sharp,
Chair, Military and Emergency Medicine, USUHS


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Topic 1: Emergency Preparedness Planning for Colleges and Universities

  • Part 1: Welcome (Barnett)
  • Part 2: Setting the Stage (Otto)
  • Part 3: Overview of the Military Surveillance Systems (DeFraites)
  • Part 4: Role of the Military in Emergency Response (Sharp)
  • Part 5: Overview of Civilian Surveillance and Response Systems (Blythe)
  • Part 6: Military Public Health Emergency Management and Support to Civil Authorities (Chen)
  • Part 7: Legal Challenges (Hogan)
  • Part 8: Case Studies: Goeller
  • Part 9: Case Studies: Blazes
  • Part 10: Case Studies: Neville
  • Part 11: Panel Discussion on Case Studies (Moderator: Sharp)
  • Part 12: Summary (Gaydos)
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