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Everly GS Jr, Parker CL, et al. (2005). Mental health aspects of disaster: Public health preparedness and response. Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness.

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Journal Articles


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In Press

McCabe, OL, Perry, C, Azur, M, Taylor, HG, Gwon, H, Mosley, A, Semon, N, & Links, JM Guided Preparedness Planning with Lay Communities:  A Systems-Based Model for Enhancing Capacity of Rural Emergency Response, Pre-Hospital and Disaster Medicine  (in press)

McCabe, O.L., Marum, F., Semon, N., Mosley, A., Gwon, H.S., Perry, C. Moore, S.S., Links, J.M. Participatory Public Health Systems Research: Value of Community Involvement in a Study-Series in Mental Health Emergency Preparedness. American Journal of Disaster Medicine (in press).

McCabe, O.L., Marum, F. Gwon, M.S.. Mosley, A., Langlieb, A, Kaminsky, M.J. and Links, J.M. Community Capacity-Building in Disaster Mental Health Resilience: A Pilot Study of an Academic/Faith Partnership ModelInternational Journal of Emergency Mental Health (in press).

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