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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness

About Us

Faculty & Staff

Center Administration

Jonathan Links, PhD
Principal Investigator/Director, Center for Public Health Preparedness

Natalie Semon, MSEd
Executive Director, Center for Public Health Preparedness Programs

PERLC Affiliated Faculty

Jackie Agnew, PhD
Environmental Health Sciences

Daniel Barnett, MD, MPH
Environmental Health Sciences

George S. Everly, Jr., PhD
International Health
Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences, School of Medicine

O. Lee McCabe, PhD
Mental Health

Lainie Rutkow, JD, PhD, MPH
Health Policy and Management

PERRC Research Leaders

Project 1: Daniel Barnett, MD, MPH, Environmental Health Sciences

Project 2: O. Lee McCabe, PhD, Mental Health

Project 3: J. Douglas Storey, PhD, Health, Behavior and Society

Project 4: Lainie Rutkow, JD,PhD, MPH

About the Experts

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