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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness


Pilot Projects

A Pilot Study of Practices, Attitudes, Beliefs and Perceptions of Pandemic Preparedness Among Key Informants in Johns Hopkins ICUs

A Pilot Study of the Budget-Setting Process across Preparedness Divisions in Public Health Agencies 

All-Hazards Community Coping Capacity Assessment

Applying the Extended Parallel Process Model to Willingness-to-Respond in the fire system and in law enforcement

Community Values and the Allocation of Scarce Resource: A pilot public engagement project

Ethical Challenges in the Conduct and Review of Post-Disaster Mental & Behavioral Health Research

First Responders’ Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Individuals with Mental Illness During a Disaster

Public Health Systems Preparedness and Emergency Response to Vulnerable Populations: EMS Assessment

The Mental Health, Mental Health Care Needs and Mental Health Help Seeking in First Responders

Tracking International and National Media Coverage of H1N1 Influenza

Virtual Environment Training Module for Crisis Behavioral Health

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