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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness


Johns Hopkins Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center

"Mental and Behavioral Public Health Systems Preparedness and Emergency Response Research"

The Johns Hopkins Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center (JH~PERRC) is one of several CDC-sponsored research centers aimed at strengthening public health preparedness infrastructure and systems to address CDC’s priority areas for research in protecting vulnerable populations in emergencies, and creating, strengthening and maintaining sustainable preparedness and response systems.

This CDC-funded program uses a public health systems research approach to strengthen and improve public health preparedness and response in the CDC identified priority themes for research. These themes include:

  • enhancing the usefulness of training
  • improving communications in preparedness and response
  • create and maintain sustainable preparedness and response systems
  • generate criteria and metrics applicable to an all-hazard approach to preparedness to measure effectiveness and efficiency

The overall goal of the JH~PERRC is to build capacity, competency and coordination of public health systems to prepare for, respond to, and recover from the adverse mental and behavioral health effects of emergencies. This research center is uniquely focused on the mental and behavioral aspects of public health systems research in preparedness and emergency response and addresses specific identified priorities which include protecting vulnerable populations, ethical and legal considerations, strengthening public health response systems and creating and maintaining sustainable response systems. The JH~PERRC projects focus primarily on the “public mental health system” as it relates to preparedness through four critical components of a public health system—public health infrastructure, communities, media and the legal and ethical environment.

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