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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness


Project #3: "Role of the Media in Resistance"

The objective of Project #3, the “Role of Media in Resistance,” is to understand how media systems and content can be strengthened to help public health responders prepare for and cope with psychological stresses that accompany emergency events. This includes understanding cognitive and affective responses to threat, the content of media used in terms of its threat and efficacy-related characteristics, and the effects of threat and efficacy media content on resistance, resilience, and recovery. To understand the specific role of media in public health response, Project #3 is utilizing online survey, content analysis of media used by responders, qualitative study, and emergency response simulation exercises to test the validity of relationships of previous studies.

Public Health Significance:

  • Identify media systems and content that help strengthen responders’ psychological resistance, resilience, and recovery from emergencies

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