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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness


Project #2: "Fostering Coordinated Mental Health Preparedness Planning"

The goal of Project #2 “Fostering Coordinated Mental Health Preparedness Planning” is to establish an evidence base for enhancing capacity, competency, and coordination planning for disaster-caused “behavioral health surge.”

The Project examines partnerships between faith-based organizations (FBOs), local health departments (LHDs), and academic health centers (AHCs), and examines various community-level and coordination factors, including willingness to plan, willingness to respond, adherence to planning processes, capacity and competency of plans, and number of long-term FBO/LHD mutual aid agreements to evaluate the sustainability and effectiveness of partnerships to respond to disaster events that may impact their communities.

Public Health Significance:

  • Evaluate and inform efforts to build best practice model of community behavioral health planning

Information About Our Workshops:

  • Partnerships for Disaster Mental Health Preparedness brochure
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