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Teachers' Ratings of Depression and Global Ratings --85-89

 Yr 01Yr 01Yr 02Yr 02Yr 03Yr 04
Item Description1985 F1986 S1986 F1987 S1988 S1989 S
Cohort 11st grade1st grade2nd grade2nd grade3rd grade4th grade
Cohort 2  1st grade1st grade2nd grade3rd grade
Cohort 3      
Cohort 4      
TOCA-R Teacher Observation of Classroom Adaptation - Revised
Part 1-- Child PWB rated by Teacher      
Is Irritable      
Looks Sad or Down      
Has Low Energy      
Construct Depression      
Cohort 1      
Cohort 2      
Cohort 3      
Cohort 4      
Uses a Weapon in a Fight      
Runs Away from Home Overnight      
Sets Fires      
Broken into Someone Else's House, etc.      
Part II - Global Ratings:      
Child's Progress as a Student      
How Difficult for Teacher to Rate ChildTOCGLB11TOCGLB12TOCGLB21TOCGLB22TOCGLB32TOCGLB42
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