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Teachers' Ratings of Child Service Items (Part II)--90-94

 Yr 05Yr 06Yr 07Yr 08Yr 09/01Yr 09/01
Item Description1990 S1991 S1992 S1993 S1993 F1994 S
Cohort 15th grade6th grade7th grade8th grade  
Cohort 24th grade5th grade6th grade7th grade  
Cohort 3    1st grade1st grade
Cohort 4      
TOCA-R Teacher Observation of Classroom Adaptation - Revised
Part III - Child Service Items (continued):      
Testing/Evaluation for Special Ed. Services:      
- Received This Year CSITS162CSITS172CSITS182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSITS262    
- Does Child Need Service* CSITS362CSITS372CSITS382  
*Have You Referred Child to Special Ed.  CSIRSE72CSIRSE82  
*Has ARD Manager Referred Child to Special Ed.  CSIARD72CSIARD82  
Special Classroom for Learning Problems:      
- Received This Year CSICL162    
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSICL262    
- Does Child Need Service CSICL362    
Special School for Learning Problems:      
- Received This Year CSISC162    
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSISC262    
- Does Child Need Service CSISC362    
Gifted and Talented Classes:      
- Received This Year CSIGI162CSIGI172CSIGI182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIGI262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIGI362CSIGI372CSIGI382  
Enrichment Program at the School:      
- Received This Year CSIEN162CSIEN172CSIEN182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIEN262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIEN362CSIEN372CSIEN382  
Summer School Before Starting Grade:      
- Received This Year CSISM162CSISM172   
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSISM262    
- Does Child Need Service CSISM362CSISM372   
Treatment for Emotional Problems:      
- Received This Year CSIEM162CSIEM172CSIEM182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIEM262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIEM362CSIEM372CSIEM382  
Meds. for Hyperacitivity/Attn. Problems:      
- Received This Year CSIME162CSIME172CSIME182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIME262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIME362CSIME372CSIME382  
Treatment for Drug Problems:      
- Received This Year CSIDP162CSIDP172CSIDP182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIDP262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIDP362CSIDP372CSIDP382  
Social Services:      
- Received This Year CSISS162    
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSISS262    
- Does Child Need Service CSISS362    
Juvenile Services:      
- Received This Year CSIJV162CSIJV172CSIJV182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIJV262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIJV362CSIJV372CSIJV382  
Foster Home or Group Home:      
- Received This Year CSIFO162CSIFO172CSIFO182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIFO262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIFO362CSIFO372CSIFO382  
Child Attend Summer School Last Summer:   CSISM182  
Child Need Summer School this Summer:   CSISM382  
Any Other Service Child is Receiving:  CSICRE72CSICRE82  
Specify:  CSICRS72CSICRS82  
Any Other Service Child Needs:  CSICNE72CSICNE82  
Specify:  CSICNS72CSICNS82  
Think Child/Need Repeat this Grade:  CSICRG72CSICRG82  
Removed from Class/Disciplinary Reasons/Past Year:   CSIRCD82  
Was Child Expelled in Past Year: CSIEXP62CSIEXP72CSIEXP82  
Was Child Suspended in Past Year: CSISUS62CSISUS72   
Used Weapon in Fight in Past Year:   CSIUWF82  
Run Away from Home Overnight/Past Year:   CSIRAH82  
Set Fires in Past Year:   CSISFI82  
Broken into Someone Else's House, etc./Past Year:   CSIBSH82  
Has Child Ever Smoked Tobacc CSITOB62CSITOB72CSITOB82  
Tobacco Use:TOCTOB52     
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