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Teachers' Ratings of Child Service Items (Part I)--90-94

 Yr 05Yr 06Yr 07Yr 08Yr 09/01Yr 09/01
Item Description1990 S1991 S1992 S1993 S1993 F1994 S
Cohort 15th grade6th grade7th grade8th grade  
Cohort 24th grade5th grade6th grade7th grade  
Cohort 3    1st grade1st grade
Cohort 4      
TOCA-R Teacher Observation of Classroom Adaptation - Revised
Part III - Child Service Items:      
- Is Child Receiving Service Now      
- Should Child Receive Additional Service      
- Urgency      
Tutoring, Aide, Resourse Teachers, High I:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIED152     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIED252     
- UrgencyCSIED352     
Screening for Special Ed. Services:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIED452     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIED552     
- UrgencyCSIED652     
Special Ed. Services Diag.&Prescrip.:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIED752     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIED852     
- UrgencyCSIED952     
Classes for Gifted and Talented:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIEDA52     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIEDB52     
- UrgencyCSIEDC52     
- Is Child Receiving Service Now      
- Should Child Receive Additional Service      
- Urgency      
Speech, Hearing, Vision Services:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIHE152     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIHE252     
- UrgencyCSIHE352     
Meds. for Hyperactivity/Attn. Problems:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIHE452     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIHE552     
- UrgencyCSIHE652     
Other Medications (Specify):      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIHE752     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIHE852     
- UrgencyCSIHE952     
Other Health Services:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIHEA52     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIHEB52     
- UrgencyCSIHEC52     
Child Counseling:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSICC152     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSICC252     
- UrgencyCSICC352     
Family Services:      
- Is Child Receiving Service NowCSIFM152     
- Should Child Receive Additional ServiceCSIFM252     
- UrgencyCSIFM352     
Special Teacher at School for Reading/Math:      
- Received This Year CSIMA162    
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSIMA262    
- Does Child Need Service CSIMA362    
Tutoring Program/Services:      
- Received This Year CSITU162CSITU172CSITU182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSITU262    
- Does Child Need Service CSITU362CSITU372CSITU382  
Special Program for Learning, Attendance, Behavior Problems:      
- Received This Year CSISP162CSISP172CSISP182  
- How Frequent/Contact with Provider CSISP262    
- Does Child Need Service CSISP362CSISP372CSISP382  
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