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Attention Attention 1985-92

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

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Item Description1985 F1986 S1986F1987 S1988 S1989 S1990 S1991 S1992 S
Cohort 11st grade1st grade2nd grade2nd grade3rd grade4th grade5th grade6th grade7th grade
Cohort 2         
Cohort 3         
Cohort 4         
Attention Assessment ( Wisconsin Card Sorting Test)
Completion Time (in Minutes)   wcstimm2 wcstimm4   
# Cards Sorted   wcscdsn2 wcscdsn4   
# Correct Responses   wcscorn2 wcscorn4   
% Correct Responses   wcscorp2     
# Errors   wcserrn2 wcserrn4   
% Errors   wcserrn2     
# Perseverative Responses   wcspren2 wcspren4   
% Perseverative Responses   wcsprep2     
# Non-Perseverative Errors   wcsnpen2 wcsnpen4   
% Non-Perseverative Errors   wcsnpep2     
# Perseverative Errors   wcspern2 wcspern4   
% Perseverative Errors   wcsperp2     
# Categories   wcscatn2 wcscatn4   
% Categories   wcscatp2     
# Sorted to First Category   wcssfcn2 wcssfcn4   
# Conceptual Level Responses   wcsclrn2 wcsclrn4   
% Conceptual Level Responses   wcsclrp2     
# Failure to Maintain Set   wcsfmsn2 wcsfmsn4   
% Failure to Maintain Set   wcsfmsp2     
Administration Errors   wcsader2 wcsader4   


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