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Peer Nomination of Children: 1990-1994

Nomination ratio for various behaviors of children by their peers.

Item Description1990 S
Cohort 15th grade  
Cohort 24th grade  
Cohort 3    
Cohort 4      
Which Kids in Your Class are Tall (reworded as below)      
Which Kids in Your Class Are the Tallest     
Which Kids are Your Best FriendsPERRBF52    
Which Kids are Nervous      
Which Kids are Too Shy to Make Friends Easily      
Which Kids Start to Fight Over Nothing (reworded as below)       
Which Kids Start FightsPERRSF52    
Which Kids Never Seem to Have a Good Time      
Which Kids are Liked By Everyone       
Which children alwayd get into trouble (reworded as below)      
Which Kids Get Into Trouble A LotPERRTB52    
Which Kids Have Very Few Friends      
Which Kids Do Strange Things      
Which Kids are SadPERRSD52    
Which Kids Sit Alone A LotPERRAL52     
Which Kids are Mean to Other Kids      
Which Children are Worried A Lot (reworded as below)      
Which Children Worry A LotPERRWR52    
Which Children Make Friends Easily (reworded as below)      
Which Children Have Lots of FriendsPERRFE52    
Which Children are Short      
Which Children are Afraid A LotPERRAF52    
Which Children Do You Like BestPERRLK52    
Which Children Don't Talk MuchPERRDT52    
Which Children Cry A LotPERRCY52    
Which Children Wear Glasses     
Which Children Don't You LikePERRDL52    
Which Children Do You Know WellPERRKN52     
Which Children Don't You Know At AllPERRDK52     
Which Children are BulliesPERRBU52    
Which Children Get Picked on, Called Names, Beat UpPERRPO52    
Which Children Act Mean     


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