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Maggie Bruck

Academic Degrees
PhD, McGill University, 1972

Departmental Affiliation
Dept of Psychiatry - Child

Departmental Address
550 Building, Room: 204B
600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: (410) 614-1231
Fax: (443) 287-4346

Honors and Awards
1994              Robert Chin Memorial Award to S. Ceci and M. Bruck for best scientific paper on child sexual abuse
1994              Invited feature presenter,  NATO meeting on Cognitive and Linguistic Bases of Reading. Writing, and Spelling, October.
1996              Invited feature presenter NATO Advanced Study Institute "Recollections of Trauma:  Scientific Research and Clinical Practice."  Port de Borgenay, France.
1995-             Editorial Board Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
1995-             Editorial Board. Psychology, Public Policy and the Law
1995-2000      Editorial Board Child Development
1995              Review Committee NICHD (Learning Disability Center Grants)
1996-2001      Editorial Board Journal of Experimental Psychology:  Applied
2000              William James Book Award to S. Ceci and M. Bruck for Jeopardy in the Courtroom
2001              Associate Editor Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
2001              Scientific Advisory Committee of the Acquiring Literacy in English project funded by NICHD and OERI.  Center for Applied Linguistics
2002              Grant review panel for OERI
2002              Review Panel for CIAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) Program in Human Development
2003-             Grant Review Panel for NIH Cognition and Percpetion

Selected Publications:

Bruck, M., Ceci, S.J., & Francoeur, E. (2000). A comparison of three and four year old children's use of anatomically detailed dolls to report genital touching in a medical examination. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. 6, 74-83.

Caravolas, M., & Bruck, M.  (2000). Vowel Categorization Skill and its Relationship to Early Literacy Skills Among First Grade, Quebec-French Children.  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 76, 190-221.

Bruck, M., Melnyk, L., & Ceci, S.J. (2000).  Draw it again Sam:  The effects of repeated drawing on the accuracy of children's reports and source monitoring attributions. J of Exp Child Psychology. 6, 74-83

Bruck, M., & Ceci, SJ  (2002). Reliability and Suggestibility of Children's Statements:  From Science to Practice. In D.  Schetkey and E. Benedict  (Eds.) Comprehensive Textbook in Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry.(137-148). Washington DC:  American Psychiatric Association

Bruck, M., Ceci, S.J., & Hembrooke, H. (2002).  The nature of children’s true and false narratives.  Developmental Review, 22, 520-554

Bruck, M., & Ceci, S.J. (2004). Forensic Developmental Psychology: Unveiling Four Scientific Misconceptions.   Current Directions in Psychology.13, 229.232.

Melnyk, L., & Bruck, M. (2004). Timing Moderates the Effects of Repeated Suggestive Interviewing on Children’s Eyewitness Memory.  Applied Cogniive Psychology, 18, 613-631.

Dickinson, J., Poole, D., Bruck, M. (2005) Back to the Future: A Comment on the Use of Anatomical Dolls in Forensic Interviews. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, 5, 63-74.

Bruck, M., & Melnyk, L. (2004)  Individual Differences in Children’s Suggestibility: A Review and Synthesis, Journal of Applied Psychology, 18,  2-48.

London, K., Bruck, M., & Ceci, S.J., & Shuman, D.W. (2005). Disclosure of child sexual abuse:  What does the research tell us about the ways that children tell?.  Psychology, Public Policy and the Law, 11, 194-226.

Bruck, M., & Ceci, SJ, Principe, G (2006). The child and the law. In K.A. Renninger and I.E Sigel  (Vol. Eds.)  Child psychology in practice, Volume 5.  In W. Damon and R. Lerner (Gen. Eds.), Handbook of child psychology, 6th edition.  New York: Wiley.


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