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"It is not an overstatement to say that this [CDC] internship experience has greatly influenced my professional career and changed my life." - Merissa A. Yellman, MPH, ’17

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MPH Practicum and/or Capstone Projects: Medication Storage Campaign Formative Work -- July 2019

The current opioid epidemic is exacerbated by a persistent problem: most Americans do not safely store and dispose of their prescription pain medications, as confirmed by our prior survey research. Our team will be completing these activities over the next academic year:

1) review of the peer-reviewed and grey literature to identify existing poison prevention and medication storage and disposal behavior change programs/campaigns, including existing storage solutions and demographic profiles of individuals harmed by unintentional ingestions;
2) talk with representatives of existing or recent programs/campaigns;
3) conduct key informant interviews with parents/caretakers who have had a young person in their family harmed by either intentional or unintentional ingestion of prescription medications;
4) create draft themes, concepts, and messages for a communication campaign; and
5) conduct online focus groups with parents/caretakers of children and teens to critique the themes and concepts. The overall result of this formative work will be a set of 3-4 message themes and concepts, along with draft messages for each.

Have you conducted literature reviews or environmental scans?  Do you have marketing experience or want to gain it?  Have you created ads for Facebook or want to learn how to do so?  Have you run online focus groups or want experience doing so? Have you conducted key informant interviews or want to gain experience doing them? If you have these skills or want to develop them, consider joining our team.  Interested students should send a CV/resume along with a paragraph describing why they are interested in this opportunity to the faculty contact: Eileen McDonald (

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Faculty and staff at the Center often have research assistant positions (some of which may be work study positions) available for students. Please contact the faculty or staff member listed with the specific project for more information.

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