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Center for Injury Research and Policy


A variety of opportunities exist for students in health education, health communication, public health, nursing and other disciplines. After a period of orientation and training, volunteers may work in any one of the three safety centers educating consumers through one-on-one patient education, group presentations and community fairs. Volunteers will assist visitors by answering their safety-related questions, selecting appropriate safety products for clients, and ensuring that they know how to correctly use them. Child safety  areas covered include, but are not limited to, falls, burns, and poisoning prevention; child passenger protection and bicycle helmet use. The volunteer may also assist safety center staff with administrative duties, such as answering the phone, filing, inventory control and recordkeeping. Volunteers will have the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide variety of individuals, including community members, physicians, nurses, social workers, other clinic health care providers, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and School of Medicine faculty and staff.

Special projects may also be available, such as creating new patient education materials (brochures, flyers, videos, etc), developing marketing and promotional materials for each of the safety centers, or conducting small evaluation projects. Volunteers with Spanish-language skills might be asked to work on projects for Spanish-speaking audiences. Participation in special projects will be determined based on the volunteers' interests and skills, as well as the needs of our priority populations. Volunteers who are available during normal business hours Monday through Friday will be placed in either of the two hospital-based safety centers (Children's Safety Center and SafetyLane). Volunteers available evenings and/or weekends may be asked to help with the CARES Safety Center.

For more information on volunteer opportunities contact Eileen McDonald at or Edith Jones at