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Center for Injury Research and Policy

Mobile Safety Center Experiences

The Mobile Safety Center team offers three different experiences:

  1. The Mobile Safety Center vehicle: You get the vehicle and two educators to provide tours of the inside of the vehicle, reviewing all or some of the exhibits, based on your interests. Because of the size of the vehicle, certain space requirements must be met. (See request form for details.)
  2. A table, or booth: Staffed by one or two safety educators, the table/booth option allows our educators to interact with visitors one-on-one around one or more safety topics that you tell us are of interest to your group. The table/booth option can be in place of or in addition to the MSC vehicle. We have found that events with large crowds benefit from the table/booth option as a way to engage people as they wait their turn to visit the MSC.
  3. A workshop on the topics of your choice: Staffed by one or two safety educators.  The workshop is a tailored educational presentation on one or more safety topics that you feel need to be discussed with your group.  A workshop allows your group to discuss safety issues they may have.