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Center for Injury Research and Policy

Johns Hopkins Mobile Safety Center

In 2004, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy and the Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD) partnered with other local organizations to launch the Johns Hopkins CARES (Children Are Safe) Mobile Safety Center, to help prevent unintentional injury, a leading cause of death for children nationwide. Beginning in 2015, CARES broadened its mission to also include a special focus on the injury prevention needs of older adults. In 2017 we officially changed the name to the Mobile Safety Center and changed its outside appearance through a gift from the Department of Health, Behavior and Society. Now, visitors of all ages can learn important lessons for keeping the entire family safe from unintentional injuries.

The Mobile Safety Center (MSC) is a 40-foot vehicle designed as a house on wheels. Inside visitors will find over 20 different interactive and educational safety exhibits that our educators use to show the hidden injury risks in a home. The MSC also has a supply of free safety fact sheets and an inventory of reduced-cost safety products available for purchase.  

Services Provided by the Mobile Safety Center

The MSC is available to visit your neighborhood or your community event, as long as you are within the Baltimore City limits. We can tailor our presentation and our services to work with children only, parents and caregivers only, older adults only or mixed age groups. Our expertise is educating about the injury risks common in the home and what can be done to better protect people from unintentional injuries.

Inside the MSC visitors learn about the common injury hazards that can be found in typical rooms within a home: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and stairway.  Safety educators from both Johns Hopkins and the BCFD  lead visitors through a variety of interactive exhibits to learn how to prevent falls, burns, poisonings, strangulation and other unintended injuries in their homes and neighborhoods. Educators will also show visitors the proper way to use each safety product. We will work with you to determine if tours will focus on one or two topics or if they will be a review of all safety topics included on the MSC. 

You can request the MSC for one of three services, click here for more details. 

We will work with you to best meet the needs of your priority audience given the resources available (overall time, space for vehicle, expected weather conditions) at your event. 

Please submit your completed request form at least 30 days in advance of your event.

Schedule a Visit from the Mobile Safety Center

Before submitting your request, check out our schedule of community events to make sure we are available on the date of your event.

The Baltimore City Fire Department is now handling requests for the MSC.  To request a visit from the Mobile Safety Center, please complete the Event Request Form here. For questions, please visit the Baltimore City Fire Department's Fire Education page here, or email