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Materials for Parents and Caregivers | Materials for Practitioners and Policymakers 


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 Materials for Parents and Caregivers

One-page brochures in English and Spanish on preventing injuries at home and among infants and children. 

Folletos de una página en inglés y español sobre la prevención de heridas en el hogar y entre los bebés y niños.


This bicycle helmet safety video for children and young people was created as a collaborative effort of the Johns Hopkins Children's Injury Prevention Network.  This video was awarded
"Best in Show" at the Safety 2018 World Injury Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.  Picture below is Eileen McDonald accepting the award.


Materials for Practitioners and Policymakers

Home Safety

Substance Use and Overdose

Transportation Safety


  • National Peer Learning Team on Intimate Partner Violence - This report summarizes the work of the National Peer Learning Team on Intimate Partner Violence from 2016 through 2020. The report details how mental models were developed, what was learned regarding strategies to reduce IPV perpetration, what challenges were faced along the way, and preliminary high leverage points and action items for consideration.

  • A Public Health Approach to Reducing Sexual Assault: A Report for College Campuses, Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy (2018) Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD

    This new resource, A Public Health Approach to Reducing Sexual Assault: A Report for College Campuses, introduces leaders in the campus community to a novel approach to effective sexual assault prevention programming. Based on evidence and best practices in injury prevention, the report uses the Haddon Matrix and the 3Es of interventions—Education, Engineering, and Enforcement – to help leaders identify innovative and comprehensive approaches to college sexual assault prevention programming.

  • Assessing Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Homicide - This report details a study of the Danger Assessment Tool, which found that despite certain limitations the tool can with some reliability identify women who may be at risk of being killed by their intimate partners.

Multiple Injury Topics